Tales from Two Cities

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

She's clapping her hands !!! Yeay !!!

She's clapping !!! Yeay ! She's clapping her hands...She'll clap when she sees us clapping. She'll clap when we tell her to clap. It's a truly wonderful feeling watching her clapping her hands and smiling her mischievous smile.

She can do several things now at the age of 1. Waving bye bye, point to the lamp when we asked her "mana lampu cantik?", bubbling using her fingers (kat AF tu cikgu siti hajar ajar teknik lain kan...Ni atuk dia ajar teknik lain pulak), commando crawl (quite fast now)...She can't actually crawl on her knees yet, let alone stand on her own without any support. A normal baby would have been able to hold on to the chair or sofa and walk around but in my baby's case, it's kinda normal to be late in achieving that. Coz she's a special baby. A very special indeed. More of that later ok...

Nonetheless, memang seronok giler tengok dia tepuk tangan...Rasa nak gigit gigit aje tangan comel gebu dia....:D

Friday, November 25, 2005

Family getaway

Most people in the office will be leaving for the family day today at 4pm. This year it's going to be held at Guoman Resort PD. Myself won't be going since I'm not a permenant staff yet...I joined this company since August this year and my probation/contract will end February next year. Maybe next year I'd be able to join the family day. Itu pun if I'm offered a permenant postlah kan....The performance evaluation form has been circulated, need to be submitted latest next friday. Completed my form...so now just hope for the best. Insya allah kalau ada rezeki...Aminnnn. Kalau takde, nak buat cemana kan...

Wish to go for a nice long holiday with my beloved ones. Spend more quality time them. Away from all these hussles in the city. Rushing for work and everything everyday....The last time we went for a holiday was somewhere in January. Me, hubby and my elder girl.....Off we went to Bukit Tinggi in Indonesia. My baby was too small for the trip so we had to leave her with my aunty.

It was 3 days and 2 nights trip. The flight was a short one. Less than one hour. From the airport, we took a bus. We stopped at several places along the way. For food, for shopping (most of the time)...The thing that really strikes me (and the other ladies) was the gorgeous baju sulam kebaya, serat nenas, etc, etc....There were so exquisites...Rambang lah mata nak pilih yang mana satu wei...Telekung pun bersulam cantik cantik....Memang juling mata.

The journey from the airport to bukit tinggi actually would took about 2 hours but since we stopped many times along the way, by the time we reach the hotel, almost dinner time. Night time, went for traditional show. Siap kena tarik menari lagi dengan penari penari dia...Heheheh..Bila lagi nak tunjuk skills kan...

The next day, started the day early. Singgah tempat orang buat barangan perak. Then sambung lagi jalan jalan. The scenery was also great. I particularly like the Danau Maninjau. so damn beautiful...So peaceful.The environment was romantic. Food was great too...Althoughthe journey to get there was a head spinning and stomach rambling...Kena lalu 44 selekoh tajam giler. Imagineler cemana kan...Rasa macam nak terjunam aje especially when there was another vehicle on the other side of the road. Respect giler dengan bus driver tu...But once we reach the danau, the satisfaction was beyond any words...Cantik sangat...Other place, naik gua...Ha yang ni next time I would just say no thank you..heeheh...Sakit kaki aku panjat tangga yang tinggi. Dah ler gelap gulita...Then we went to the Istana Pagar Ruyung, famous for its Minangkabau..The land of Minangkabau as they call it. The palace was huge and beautiful. The architecture was great. Kalau kat Negeri Sembilan tu kita tengok atap dia pelik pelik, kat Istana Pagar Ruyung ni lagilah kan. My girl siap pakai baju traditional minangkabau lagi....After that sambung shopping lagi kat pasar dia...kalau kat tempat kita ni, lebih kurang macam Medan Mara lah...Lots of shops and stuffs. Just bargain and bargain and bargain..:D

In all, it was a great trip. We had a great time together. Pulak tu pegi dengan member member agency hubby yang kepala giler giler and mulut takde insurance...Memang seronok. We look forward for another trip next year. Tak taulah kat mana plak pak haji boss nak bawak anak anak buah dia this time. Tapi kena kerja kuat dulu baru boss boleh bawak jalan jalan....Heheheheh...

Hmm..planning to go for our very own family getaway. Tengoklah December or January. Tengok rezeki cemana...See firstlah !!!By the way, JBMari ! Selamat berfamily day ! Nanti citer ek..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Things were different now....

Gosh! This blog has not been updated for ages, man!!! Woi JBMari!!!Mana janji janji manis mu? Konon nak update sama sama. Satu haram pun takde lagi ni. Testing post tu tak kira aaaaa..

Been kinda busy lately. There was some technical training I need to attend....then taking over my collegue's job while he's away on his marriage leave. Early next month baru masuk kerja semula.Wah...Honeymoon sakan aaaa kau yerk ! Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru to H and pasangannya...

Rasanya belum terlambat lagi nak wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin kepada yang semua teman teman...Still in the raya mood lagi ni even though dah nak sampai ke penghujungnya. Weekends still full with open house invitations. Tu tak campur lagi wedding invitations...Kenduri sana sini...Gantung kuali beb bila tiba weekend....Hehheeheh

Raya tahun ni, we went back to my hometown first. Supposedly tahun ni first raya kat hubby's hometown di Pahang. tapi due to some circumstances, tak dapekle. 3 kali berturut turut dah kat my hometown. Kesian hubby...Nasib baik dia tak kisah. Anyhow, this year's raya celebration on my hubby side was rather gloomy. My mother in law is sick...She was diagnosed with breast cancer, 4th stage. She's on her bed most of the time.

I still remember during raya celebration in the previous years, she would be the busiest person in the house. Busy with all the cookings and cleaning and changing the curtains and all....She doesn't have a daughter. 4 boys...4 big boys....Hehehheh...But they were all very helpful. Bolehlah suruh buat itu ini even though kena specifically tell them what to do. Boys! So being the only one daughter in-law during that time, aku pun tak menang tangan buat kerja. First and second hari raya was the super busiest. Relatives and friends from all
over the place came non-stop. Pinggan cawan tak sempat kering dah ada segerombolan lagi datang...My mother in law ni very the very friendly orangnyer. When she was working in Kuantan few years ago, she was actively involved in badminton. Siap pergi tournament. Dengan business catering dia lagi. Memang sedap aaaaa masakan dia...My wedding pun dialah yang masak, dialah yang uruskan semua. Sampaikan malam after the wedding tu, I found her terlelap kat sebelah almari kat dapur..Imagine keletihan dia..

But this year, nothing much she can do. In fact, she didn't do anything. Just lying helplessly in her bed. She had to travel to KL almost every week for her chemo treatment. That really worn her out. Plus the chemo effect....This time around, people came to visit her,to see how is she coping. No more glorious and delicious food for the guests. Just some normal stuff. I can't bear to see her in that condition.My heart bleeds everytime I looked at her. I spent some time sitting beside her bed, asking her what she wants to eat or drink...We chatted...Sometimes I brought my little girl into her room so she can look at her grandchild playing. Hope that could ease her pain. Make it go away for a while. I thought, that's the least I can do for now...

Monday, November 14, 2005

How it started......

I was supposed to update this blog last week but just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to blog.Guess still in the raya mood...

Hmm..I was first introduced to this blogging world by my sister back in August this year…I was telling her how bored I was in my new workplace…..Biasalah kan. Orang baru di tempat baru. Nothing much to do…..read some documentation, surf, chit chat with my new neighbors, surf again, yawn, send sms, yawn, surf again and again…Heheheh…I surfed until I don’t even know what else to surf or search on the internet. So she referred a few blogs to read and I got hooked almost instantly.

Since then, first thing in the morning after or during breakfast, I’ll read the blogs before I start my work. That’s the routine now…Among my favorites are MobileMom, Nadio, makandeh, just to name a few….I really marveled at how these people tell their stories, some made me laughs, some made me cry, others touched my hearts….

When my fellow blogger popped out the suggestion to start a blog, I was unsure of the idea initially. My writing is not that good. Plus, me shy shy catlah….heheheh…..But after very much of persuasion from my fellow blogger,
JBMari, we started this blog. And this is my first real entry. So my friend, you turn now. Jangan nak mengelak lagi. Asyik bagi alasan ajer. Ni yang nak marah ni!!!

Till then…..

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Hi there, actually id rather complete the other details of this blog b4 i post a few things in here, but a friend of mine insisted on me doing the so called test post...
so this is my first "test" post....hehehehe

Testing 123

Hallo there !!! Testing 123. Geeeee....Hope this works !!! You owe me big time, man !!!! Heheheheh....
Ok...Back to business. Better make sure this blog is updated ok. Sudah janji kannnnnn..