Tales from Two Cities

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Hmmm...Pening gak pikir pasal job offer tu. Collected the offer letter at UN*** Monday morning hari tu. The offer was too good to resist. Though the salary offered is a little bit rendah from the current one, but other benefits memang far too good compared with what the current company has to offer. Paling berbeza is ada EPF and SOCSO, plus medical coverage and insurance. And according to the interviewer hari tu, the job scope is doing things that I've always wanted and liked to do. Kalau ikut offer letter tu, 12 July ni dah boleh start tapi dia kata since notice sebulan, bolehlah start awal bulan 8.
But but but but but...the thing is, company sekarang ni notice 2 bulan. Tension betul !!!! The work given sangat menyakitkan hati. Keep asking to speed up things tapi no reference what-so-ever to help us speed up the work. Bila tanya kat senior staff, lain orang lain jawapannya. Tanya kat user, lagiler lain. Pelik betul lah cemana diaorang ni buat requirement. Dah ler tu, PM dok hari hari tanya bila boleh siap.....siap leh sound lagi "I dont see you trying hard enough.". GTH lah wei !!! Orang balik lewat malam, weekend datang some more, terpaksa pikir sendiri what on earth is Court Order Amount, what is the difference between Court Trial, Court Hearing and Court Proceeding, dari column and table mana kat database tu nak retrieve data-data tu...Cemana pulak nak relatekan dia, apa primary and foreign key dia....Sedap mulut aje kata kita tak try hard enough. Sendiri buatlah baru tau....Ish...I can go on and on and on talking and membebeling about this....I was so into it sampai termimpi-mimpi manusia manusia tu semua....hehehhehehe
So camtulah...in a dilemma now. Asked opinions from a few friends. They all said, chow jelah once I got my salary end of this month. It's not that they are gonna go after you. Nak bawak ke court pun dah cost more than my salary yang seciput ni. Hmmm...they got a point there. I have a few more tasks assigned to me and expected to finish by mid of this month.
Tapi rasa macam tak bestlah if I would just MIA. Already made friends with the people over there. They got my email and hp no...Eiii...serba salah betul dibuatnya. But I wanted so much to accept the offer. Tak larat lagi dah balik malam malam buta. Kul 11 baru sampai rumah. Anak anak pun dah tidur. At this stage now, family is my priority especially with adik's condition. I even had to stop her classes kat Kiwanis sebab schedule very pack and busy kejar dateline. Arrrgghhh !!!!!